Holiday withdrawal symptoms

We’ve all had them! The holiday blues when we come back home and that lovely holiday seems a distant memory already, our beautiful home doesn’t seem as beautiful any more and added to that it’s raining. OK, so today I am feeling holiday withdrawal symptoms but not the ones we get when we come back […]

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Good news, I think

Yesterday was treatment day back at the hospital. I had the usual Velcade plus Zometa which is to strengthen my bones. I am lucky in so far as I don’t have any damage to my bones yet so this is more a preventative measure for me, as per the NICE guidelines. The Zometa was intravenous […]

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The spectral cancer

Someone on the Myeloma UK website wrote something for Myeloma Awareness week which really rang true for me. They said: “Most of the time it’s an ‘invisible cancer’. People with myeloma look well enough and people seem to forget or not realise the extent of it, even when the underlying issues are almost too numerous […]

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Impostors in the house!

Someone has crept into my room in the middle of the night and performed major surgery on my feet and ankles, either that or they have substituted someone else’s feet and ankles! These ones do not belong to me! I have slim ankles and narrow feet, these impostors comprise of thick ankles and puffy feet; […]

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Hi, I’m in my 50s, live in the West Midlands (UK) and have recently become one of the 1 in 3; the one in three of us that will have cancer in their life-time, although I seem to have got a double dose so I guess maybe I’ve saved someone else from joining the club! […]

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